The illusion of separation.

We are dreaming because a lot of people are still sleeping. When we look at the world, it’s full of wonder and beauty. However, it’s also full of illusions, an illusion that many are still sleeping in. This illusion is called ‘separation’. To wake up is to see beyond the illusion which requires light (awareness). Below are some examples of what causes separation from ourselves, the world, and our true nature.

  • Violence
  • Hatred
  • Ego
  • Discrimination
  • Duality (opposites)
  • War
  • Greed
  • Pride
  • Identity
  • Roles
  • Hierarchies
  • Material world
  • Possessions

Depression and anxiety are not the problems. You see, depression is a way of telling our bodies that our minds and hearts are somewhere they don’t belong. It’s separation from the world and our true calling that causes depression, because deep down, we all just want to go home. That home is already here. We just need to remove the layers of separation that prevent us from experiencing and living freely. Shadow work can help remove the layers of separation.

We see separation mostly commonly through the media and news. It’s driven by separation. You see, if we all got along perfectly, then we would work together in unity and oneness. We would no longer need the governments or any leaders. They are supposed to be the middle ground, creating the balancing and teaching us the understanding to be the best we can be. However, they are not preventing balance; they are teaching separation. They are not a good example of leadership. Even governments are separated by their own parities,of left and right views.

We can all view the same picture. No one will experience the picture the same way. However, we can agree on a balanced understanding of what that picture means. This is called an alignment, and each day we are aligning with oneness and unity. Just as the sun and stars align. We are synchronising with our true purpose. The world may feel like it’s getting worse when, in fact, the veil (illusion) is fading, and more people are awakening. Turning off your television and media channels helps your mind to become clear and to see past the illusion of conditioning. It allows your true self to shine through. We disconnect from the illusion to reconnect to our true purpose.

Conditioning is a strange concept. It’s strange because everything in the universe and on this planet, even ourselves, is naturally unconditioned. Conditioning is something created to control. An example of this is our food and land. We have an abundance of food and land that the governments have taken from us to sell back to us. This is controlled conditioning. The conditioning sends people to work to earn money to buy food, land, houses, and freedom. Therefore, they create an illusion.

The planet and universe gave us everything, even the freedom to travel. The freedom to travel has become conditioned by passports and now vaccinations. The freedom to sleep where you choose is conditioned by who owns the land. The illusion that we own possessions. We can’t take anything with us when we die except our spirits. How much time and value have you given to nurturing and understanding your own spirit? The unconditional love that comes with living is conditioned by how much money, skin colour, gender, attractiveness, etc. a person has. Is it the conditioning that humans are the priority species? How many times do we hear about other species on the news? How much effort do we put into maintaining the diversity of species? Very little, because we have been divided by our own diversity as humans. We’ve been blinded by the illusion of conditioning. The universe is infinite, as are we. We are unconditioned beings. If there is a restriction on loving yourself and others unconditionally, then you have been conditioned to think and behave a certain way. Remove the conditioning and you’ll find freedom. Remove the conditioning and there wouldn’t be any discrimination to begin with. All that would remain is unconditional love and acceptance for all.

What is shadow work?

What is the shadow?

When we look up at the night sky, we see space, the moon, stars, planets, matter, etc., all working together in perfect harmony as one. There is no separation. The separation we feel from the world and the universe is because there’s separation in us, which is known as our shadow. Shadow work helps you awaken. It’s about going through the un-awakened part of yourself which contains, ego, separation, unhealed trauma, illusion, delusions and conditioning and awakening to the truth. The more you clear the shadow, the more self-aware you become. The more self-aware you become the more aware you are of everything around you. It aids you in becoming one with all. The shadow works as a wall that prevents our energy from moving freely and aligning to our authentic path. 

What is shadow work?

Shadow work teaches us to accept, acknowledge, and leave behind in our lives what no longer serves us, such as: separation, evil, negativity, hate, anger, violence, drama, ego, fear, illusion the past and the conditioning of the system. It no longer serves us as we are evolving beyond duality and this 3d reality. We are now in an age where we are embracing true oneness and we are returning to our true nature of oneness. Shadow work requires discipline and you set the pace and path. No two journeys are the same, so don’t worry if someone is doing it differently. All rivers lead to the ocean. Trust yourself and your gut. Your being will not throw you into the deep end. It will take you through healing on the level you are able to understand. There will be challenges but It will help make you stronger. Your shadow is filled with your perspective, beliefs and separations on life. When we look at everything around us, we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.

The process of shadow work is called “self-reflection.” We dig into the parts of ourselves that are unhealed, such as, traumas, reactions, relationships, and how our behaviour affects ourselves and others in our everyday lives.

Why do we do shadow work?

We heal these aspects of our being because they no longer serve or align with our higher state of being, the person we’re becoming, or the selfless person we want to be. To simplify it further, we are evolving. To heal, we must face why they were inside us to begin with. You’ll go through many emotions, but you’ll feel lighter and lighter the more you leave your remove the layers from your ego. To access the light inside us we must remove the barriers. Although it may not feel like it at times, shadow work is an extremely rewarding process. Shadow work is a process we do individually. However, you are not alone. There are many people on this planet going through the same process. The universal life force energy is within you and around you. We all arrive at the same place, Oneness. The more we evolve the more we evolve into higher vibrations and frequencies. We leave this 3D world behind and move in 5D (new earth).

The methods:

Meditation is probably the best. Or, for a beginner, mirror work. Look through a mirror. First ask yourself what the person in the mirror needs. A hug, a friendly smile, love, cheering up? What you need generally shows the areas that need improvement. Then have a look at your negative reactions and presence in life. Are you short-tempered? Do you have jealously in you? Are you selfish? Why are you easily angered, etc.? What are the triggers? And keep digging deeper with the questions until you get to the root of the cause and find closure. Then ask yourself, what separates you from others and remove the ideas of separation. That’s how we heal. We bring all the negative and unhealed parts of ourselves to the surface and process them through emotions. For those that like writing a journal may be beneficial in documenting your experience.

There may be past experiences in life, such as abuse, violence, childhood trauma, and relationships, which will be a similar process. What if another person, such as a parent or an ex-lover, was involved? The answer is easy. Do not read into their negativity. You are not responsible for another’s actions. Their negativity is no longer your negativity. Their separation does not separate you. Their actions are not your burden to carry. Just focus on the closure and healing you need to leave the experience behind. It is hard to forgive the person. However, forgiveness is the greatest way to heal from another’s actions. If we continue blaming, hating, and reliving the experience, then those emotions will always be present in us therefore, we are only punishing ourselves by holding on. Forgiving someone is forgiving the unhealed parts of that person. If they ever enter into shadow work, they too will need to relive their actions. That itself deserves forgiveness for them and yourself to move forward. 

After you’ve faced a negative part of yourself, Go for a positive, such as happiness, and find the things that make you happy. It helps to keep us balanced throughout the process. It also teaches us the importance of self-love, and self-care. We don’t leave positive emotions behind. We wouldn’t want anyone to take our happiness away. So why would we take it away from ourselves? We all love positivity, such as happiness, love, peace, kindness, etc. It helps us see through new eyes. We just remove the negativity that blocks our positive perceptions of ourselves and the world.

When we enter a shadow part of ourselves, we tend to look back through our lives. It’s important to not become fixated on the past. The positive helps us become present in the moment.

The more shadow you leave behind, the more you ascend beyond duality. There can’t be opposites when we are one. The world will look less fearful and more beautiful. By changing our perspective, we can change the world. By healing ourselves we heal everything around us. It’s easy to become drawn into shadow work and aligning with our higher self. However, living every day to the fullest is equally important. Our mental, physical, spiritual (energy) and emotional states play a vital role in balancing us in our lives. Good luck on healing.

Consumerism is the virus

Right now, at this very moment. Quiet your mind, connect to the present moment, and ask yourself; What do you need in this moment to fulfil yourself? Did you think ahead? When we are present in the moment, we require nothing. We have everything we need. We have a body to experience the moment, oxygen in our lungs, love around us and inside us. Food in our stomach? So why do we need more?

The main reason is that along the way, we lost our connection to nature and the presence that surrounds us. The reason why? We didn’t know any different. When we are young, our minds are led by society and become programmed to live a certain way to be accepted. Seeing past the illusion of life helps us become our true authentic selves and return back to oneness.

The system led the world into believing that we need to consume to fulfil us because it will make us happier or because everyone else has it “the trend” or “the norm”. Instead, it created a void inside us, a false identity. This false identity led us away from our true nature. Instead of creating an advanced world, we ended up with divisions, negativity, and a false illusion of what life should be. When we over consume and take what we don’t need, not only does this create an imbalance in the world, but it also creates an imbalance in ourselves.

We have been programmed by marketing, sales, and ads every day to consume more. Why? Because the system is reliant on us and expects us to reciprocate. When we feed that consumption, we teach our minds and bodies that when we are feeling down, we should feed it with, food, drugs, work, money, soulmates, sex, stimulants, technology, drink, amazon packages, medications, knowledge, and many more Why? Because it provides us with a short-term elevation. We do it guilt free because ignorance is bliss and everyone else does it right? Consumption ends up destroying our own lives, acres of lands and oceans. Nature pays the cost for our lack of self-control and that cost will swing back around.

We have been given too much choice and access to natures resources without calculating the consequences. There are millions of species across this planet. One species should not take the priority over the rest. We all have an equal purpose on this planet to supply the planet with all that it needs, and the planet will supply us with all our needs.

The greatest antidote is becoming aware of our own consumption, self-medicating habits, awareness of the methods the system uses to increase spending, awareness of the ads and marketing misleading our subconscious, awareness of the impact of the imbalance on the planet, especially when we take into account the billions of humans consuming. Awareness of what we actually need to make it through the day opposed to taking what we want. Awareness of the methods we use to justify the need to “medicate the negativity”.

More is having less in life. It’s waking up from a false system. We don’t fill the void, we heal it by removing the need to feed it. We simplify our life choices and priorities to what is actually important. Sometimes we can’t avoid money. However, we learn not to depend on it. When we realise our true nature and the nature of the planet, money becomes worthless. Depending on our situation, we may require it to provide for our families and to pay the bills. However, the problem of consumption comes into play when we are providing ourselves and our families with the latest technology, fashion, cars, entertainment, instead of stretching and recycling what we already have. Looking at sustainable ways to provide your needs will help bring out your creativity and true resourcefulness. If your excuse is that you don’t have the time or energy? Then the system is taking more from you than you know. How much more will you give?

To understand how much you consume, question yourself: What do we actually need to survive? Do we take more than what we need? How much of what I have was from desire?

We change the planet by becoming the change. We can’t expect to wait for the system to teach us to change. Whilst the system earns money, there will never be change because the ‘economy’ is the greatest delusion fabricated. It’s time we moved away from selfish into selflessness.

There is an invisible energy that connects all life, so you are never truly alone. When we change, a shift begins in that energy. Every day, more people are stepping away from this outdated system and are becoming the change. Why? Because we actually see what is going on in the world. We feel the change and we are no longer part of the illusion and divide. We are part of the solution, and we choose healing, we choose oneness. We evolve together and prioritise what is most important: the planet and ALL life on it.

Why a vegan diet is becoming more important for our survival.

Ignorance is bliss until our ignorance pays the price. Saving ourselves isn’t a crime, and changing our beliefs is simply waking up from the false education of the “sales” system. We worry about taking action on our diets initially, as it requires change and learning. Rather than focusing on what we have to lose, let’s focus on what we have to gain. I’m here to give a brief overview of why meat, dairy, and fish are no longer required. Once we have learned and felt the difference between what a plant-based diet offers, there’s no going back.

Once you understand the great effect veganism has on the body and the planet, there’s no going back. For those that require scientific-backed evidence, there are some documentaries at the end of this article that expose the meat, fish, and dairy industries and the deterrent effects of consumption.

Waking up to our diets means understanding that we don’t need meat to survive. Human bodies are naturally adapted to a plant-based diet. Animals eat the plants to gain nutrients, then humans eat the meat to absorb the second-hand nutrients the animals have digested. So, why do we eat animals for nutrients when we can get the nutrients from their source? The biggest lie that the meat industry spreads, which I even fell for, was that vitamin b12 can only be eaten by consuming animals and dairy. For those that don’t know, vitamin b12 is essentially bacteria from soil. Animals eat grass and soil, and the bacteria ingested is vitamin B12. However, animals themselves don’t consume vitamin B12 in the meat industry unless they are bred organically. How many of us buy organic dairy and meat? Animals are injected with vitamin B12 due to pesticides, chlorinated water, and health standards intervening. If plants and fruit were grown naturally without pesticides and tainted water, we could get vitamin B12 from the dirt on the food.

Industries have become obsessed with cleanliness which isn’t natural. A lot of animals are injected with hormones, antibiotics, and unnatural chemicals just to meet food standards. So, we are filling our bodies with more than just meat. We are filling our bodies with second-hand nutrients, harmful chemicals, medications, and unnatural hormones. If humans were designed to eat fish, we would have been born in the ocean with gills and fins to help us hunt.

Humans are not the superior species. This idea that we are has created an imbalance on the planet. Wildlife is starving because of human greed and desires. Furthermore, scientists are pulling fish out of the water and finding a high level of class A drugs, plastics, radiation and hormones in their systems due to water pollution and human destruction. Anything that pollutes the water is absorbed by the fish we are consuming. The biggest causes of water pollution are plastics, microplastics, and synthetics.

For those that understand energy and vibrations, foods vibrate at different levels. Meat vibrates at low levels compared to fruit and vegetables, which vibrate at higher levels. Everything we eat is an energy and cellular exchange, so we are what we eat. If we replace our high-vibrational energy and cells in the long term, with lower vibrational energy and cells, it’s going to suppress, depress and make us ill. When our awareness and vibrations increase, our bodies will generally start moving towards the foods that match our vibrations. As our awareness and compassion for our life grows, we may naturally gravitate toward fruits and vegetables.

If you would like to understand more surrounding the meat, fish, and dairy industries and the effect on our bodies and the planet, then there are a number of beneficial shows on Netflix that have scientific studies and backed-up evidence below.

Netflix shows 1- Game changers 2- What the health. 3- Cowspiracy 4- Seaspiracy 5- Kiss the ground.

I’ve spoken about what we are actually consuming. This is only the basics of the problem. It’s bigger than you and me. The damage caused by farming each year has a giant impact on climate change (human consumption) and other species. The main reason why the information is not in the public domain is that the governments and industries are too afraid to lose money, but most importantly, they are afraid to admit they were wrong. Years ago, the tobacco industry bragged about how beneficial tobacco products were until the truth came out. This is what’s happening in today’s world with meat and dairy. The truth is being revealed. The balance of our own bodies and the planet lies in our actions. When we consume more than what’s required or consume something that isn’t required, it creates an imbalance elsewhere. In this case, the imbalance is all around us in the world, and for some of us, the imbalance is in our bodies.

We need to ask ourselves the question. Suppose we had to go out and hunt for our own food. Could we? Or is it the convenience of someone slaughtering on our behalf that allows us to consume meat? Where’s the fairness in that? There is a wide community of vegans that can help newcomers adjust. The greatest myth about veganism is that everything tastes bland. We are opening our palettes to a whole range of new and incredible flavours and tastes. Our shopping bills and chances of illness decrease massively. We need to educate ourselves on the new knowledge that has arisen. If we had all the information, then we could make a clear judgement on what is best for us. Don’t wait for the governments and news to educate you. They won’t risk the hole in their pockets. Get ahead of the game and embrace change, because one day the effects will be like the effects of smoking. They were once hailed as being good for us until people woke up.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

Charles Darwin 1809 – 1882

Depression became my teacher

Depression taught me that I didn’t actually want to die, but I wanted to kill something inside of me. I love this World, all the trees, flowers and animals. I wanted to escape the system and the situation I was trapped in. The only way I could was changing my mind frame and the way I see this World. Now I live for all the animals, trees, oceans, skies, because this world is more beautiful and important than anything and it needs people to care. We just need to learn to connect to something that is real and natural. Our relationship with this World, nature and the universe is real. The interconnectedness of life is always there and regardless how alone we may feel at times, we are never truly alone. The illusion and conditioning we live in is false and that’s what your mind is escaping from. Our minds, body, emotions and spirit know the raw nature of ourselves and it’s trying to teach us the unconditional.

If you are in a state of depression, please don’t let it defeat you. Give yourself a break and allow love to guide you. Find that spark within yourself and if you need help remember you are never truly alone. Every one of us is connected and there’s a light always guiding you. Sometimes it just takes a deep breath and courage to take a step forward and eventually you’ll learn how to run again. Connect to something real. This world won’t give up on us so please don’t give up on yourself. Ask the light to help and it will teach you. You’ve got this.

A Ghostly Spirit (Energy)

Energy is like liquid gold.

The most valuable resource in the world isn’t money or objects. It’s energy. A spirit will not waste energy unnecessarily. It will only remain whilst its energy source remains.

Every day we release energy. Our energy is going into the walls, celling’s and our furniture. Our energy is life. When a ghost lingers in a building it’s because its energy has built up there, therefore it has a source of energy to sustain. Don’t take a spirit’s presence personally majority of the time a spirit remains because of unfinished business.

What we put out in the world is what’s returned. What I mean by this is if you approach an energy with fear, fear is what’s returned. If you approach it with love, love is what’s returned. The experience is your choice, choose your approach wisely.

Channel the message, by closing your eyes and allowing the message to come to you. It may not come through right away and the message can be delivered through any means.

Messages come through at the exact moment we can understand it or need it. Our subconscious takes it the message and will deliver the message through dreams, numbers, TV, music, whatever way we can understand. Once the message is understood clearly, YOU’LL KNOW. Connect to your intuition and trust yourself.

Is your house or business being haunted?

Don’t take it personally

A ghost is not haunting you, if it lingers then it’s trying to deliver a message. The problem is not everyone can hear the message and the number one rule in spiritual messages is that ‘the message will only get louder’.

We’ve all tried to get a message across to someone, right? The more it’s ignored the more frustrating it gets. The more frustration the more energy. If a spirit feels angry maybe, it’s because the message is being ignored?

That’s where I come in. I can teach you to channel the messages yourself or channel it for you. To remove a spirit, you help it move on. Like ourselves, sometimes we get a bit lost, and a little understanding and compassion can go a long way.

Don’t be afraid, the perception of spirits is exaggerated in movies.